Why people create podcasts?

2 stycznia 2019 11:26

Do you create podcasts?

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2 stycznia 2019 11:27

Podcast fashion is growing over the years in terms of both number and audience. If you understand why a podcast is an important element of a blog and you start creating audio content, you will surely notice how much you can gain from it. Creating a podcast has very effective because: #1 It does not involve the recipient's eyesight You can listen and at the same time do something else - drive a car, iron, cook, paint an apartment, twist furniture from Ikea, run, and even ... swim (in waterproof headphones). It's the perfect solution for people who have a lot of things on their mind, and at the same time want to grow and be more productive. #2 It is a medium that requires nothing but the listener's attention With the lyrics, you have to look at them and it's hard to be on the move, you have to look at and listen to the video, and with the podcasts, headphones are enough and we can consume content in many places on the occasion of many activities. #3 It goes straight to the listener If you subscribe to a given podcast, new episodes appear automatically on your phone. In some applications, you can set the download immediately - then you can listen to them without access to the network. Downloading via the internet is also not a problem, because such files are many times smaller than in the case of video. Thanks to podcasts, you gain new knowledge and inspiration. The main purpose of many podcasts is to share an expert an experience. Not in the form of lectures or papers, but more often interviews. This form works brilliantly - it is not too long and tedious, and sufficiently concise. Often it is the knowledge that can be immediately used in practice or to note and later deepen interesting issues. The creators willingly invite guests to their podcasts, which means that you can get to know more experts from the same or similar field, and also get interested in a new topic.