Why is my website traffic down?

7 stycznia 2019 11:44

And what to do when I notice there is a drop?

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7 stycznia 2019 11:49

Usually, after noticing a significant drop in the position or indexing of the page, the filter or the ban comes to mind at first. Only after a detailed check of the reason for these changes can it turn out that it is, for example, the result of an error or change in the algorithm. In which cases are we dealing with other reasons for dropping search engine traffic than a penalty for violating its quality guidelines?

Why is your site or site gaining fewer impressions or clicks or appearing in a worse position on Google search? You set it up with this guide to solve problems. Here are the most common causes for declines in impressions or clicks or a decrease in Google search position:


1/ The definition of the service does not match the website's URL

Does the definition of the Search Console service match the URL of your site? The question is if your site has, for example, the address http://example.com, did you define it as http://example.com or perhaps https://example.com in the Search Console? Confusing the "http" and "https" prefixes is probably the most common cause of "missing" search engine traffic. Perhaps the traffic has not decreased, but you are observing the wrong service in Search Console.


2/ Google Robot has not yet crawled (or re-indexed) your site

You may have recently published a page or modified it, and then submit a request to (re) index it, but Google has not yet done so. Many people expect a Google robot to crawl or re-index their page immediately. In fact, crawling your site may take a week or more, depending on many factors.


3/ Manual action caused your site to be missing or deleted or its position deteriorated

- Is your site present on Google? Check to see if your site is still available on Google search:

For the page, search for the exact URL on Google - www.example.com/sheepers/lama

For a site, search for it using the "site:" - site: www.example.com parameter