Why do companies need quality customer service?

3 stycznia 2019 15:45

When a customer has a question or an issue or a complaint and there’s no one to listen to him, a customer leaves your brand disappointed and he’s sure to tell others how disappointed he is with your company – according to various researches, a dissatisfied customer will tell between 9-15 people about their negative experience. Companies can and often do ignore unhappy clients and focus only on gaining new customers but it’s going to hurt the company in the long run. 


Several company issues can be resolved merely by improving your customer service:

1. You have a customer come once and never come back

2. Your sales are not as good as you hoped they would be

3. You have to spend more and more time, effort and money on gaining new customers (and you don’t see expected results from it)

4. You get negative reviews of your company on social media sites

5. You have to look for new customer support team members continuously

6. Majority of your customers contact you only to complain about our service


If it sounds familiar, you need to work on your customer service. Fortunately, there’s a lot of ways you can improve it! Here’s just a few of them:

- Ask your customers about potential issues or pain points they have with your company/service and fix it! Nothing makes the customer happier than seeing you take their problems seriously (…and nothing makes them as angry as being completely ignored.)

- Give your long-time customers a VIP service - if they feel appreciated, they’ll stay with you for longer!

- Giving your customers a surprise gift (for birthday or “customership anniversary”) is a sure way to delight them and make them stay with you for longer!

- Be accessible to them: the more ways in which a customer can contact you, the better! Of course, that’s as long as you respond to them! If you have a chat widget, but no one responds to the question there or if you have a social media account which no one uses, this is going to bring way more harm than good.


Also, it would be a good idea too to get a helpdesk tool to help take better care of your customers: helpdesk systems allow you to organize your customers' requests and issues easier, prioritize them, track the progress of completing the requests and keeps all details about the customer’s requests in one place. Good help desk system also helps in cutting down your team’s workload as many tasks can be automated and all information regarding clients are in one place, accessible to anyone! But don’t just pick the first system you see - talk it through with your team first: what are their expectations, needs, what features they would find useful, how many people would use the system and how much can you pay for it. If you get a system that is more of a hindrance than a help, you will waste money, time, nerves and business opportunities too.