What's a customer journey?

18 stycznia 2019 16:34

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18 stycznia 2019 16:42

Customer Journey is like a walk in your customer shoes. When you are looking for a way to become a recognizable brand and increase sales, you need to think like your customer. Be conscious of every step your customers take during their journey with your company. 

The customer journey is a sum of all feelings and experiences that your customer lives while purchasing your product. It includes among other things, all aspects of communication in your online store, social media profiles, and offline experiences.

While you don’t have any influence on the image that the third parties say about your company, you should care both about your brand image on the Internet and in brick and mortar stores. Customer journey can be described as something easy. You offer a product, people buy it. But once you get into details, it turns out to be complex and appears in many varieties. This is the reason why you should visualize your clients experience preparing customer journey map*


*Customer Journey Map (CJM) is literally translated as the buyer's travel map. In a multichannel strategy, it helps to visualize the goals of the project, groups of the target audience, their needs and the channels used in a single scheme. It's really beneficial, but still a very underrated tool.