What you need to know before creating another social media profile?

14 stycznia 2019 13:39

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14 stycznia 2019 13:41

Today, many projects, businesses, and organizations rush to present themselves in social networks to the general public. Accounts are created in all convenient social networks, the filling of these pages with various kinds of texts, pictures, anecdotes, cats, etc. begins. And everything would be quite optimistic but what you need to know before creating another social media profile?

1) No need to beg.

Shameless and intrusive requests to like, repost, vote in the competition ... Few things on social networks can be more annoying. Even if you are doing a good deed (ask, for example, to find the owner of a homeless kitten), do not be annoying. Who wants - he likes, repost, sends to another.


2) Do not spam.

Worse than intrusive requests to repost unverified. These are messages of the type: this letter was sent to nine people, otherwise trouble-trouble-envelope. Well or so: “Copy this message to your page, then send it to 100 friends. And if you're a guy, then you immediately have a member will increase by 10 times! And if the girl - then the bust will be steeper than that of Semenovich! I know, all my friends and girlfriends did so - and they did it! Try you too! ”


4) Do not repost fakes.

In general, fake reposts do no honor to anyone. Do not lose your critical attitude toward information! We advise you to subscribe to social networks only on high-quality media. If you are not sure that the phrase belongs to the great and there is no way to check it, it is better to refrain from repost. Otherwise, you risk putting yourself in an unfavorable light.