What should I think about before I start blogging?

2 stycznia 2019 11:00

What steps should I take before starting a blog?

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3 stycznia 2019 15:51

Do you want to share your experiences, write a diary, encourage healthy nutrition, or reading books, show off your poems, or do you feel a calling to help others? There are no worse or better topics. It is wrong to write on strength, without conviction, without a belief that something meaningful is being done.

Do not start with "I will write something and then see it". Choose the topics that interest you, where you know and who you can easily find. Think in what field you are an expert. What will you write about with genuine joy? You do not have to plan everything at the beginning, probably your blog will evolve, but it's better to connect something that's touched upon, and some visible idea attached to it. For me, these are travels, stories and photography. Each story is a journey, and each photo is a story.

There are a lot of blogs on the web. Unfortunately, the quantity does not change into quality. Lots of bloggers see a chance for success in the unreflective reproduction of recognized patterns. They create beautiful, technically refined blogs about nothing. Substantially shallow, without a shadow of passion, such blogs "shells". Inspiration with authority is not a bad thing, it is worth observing those who have succeeded. Then these observations should be adapted to their own soil and not to be cloned.

Discovering strengths takes time, but it is a profitable investment. Will bring profits not only on the blog. Think carefully about what makes you different. Ask others. Maybe your strong point is a specific sense of humor, the ability to convey emotions, describing complicated processes in simple words? Or maybe you are doing magical pictures, drawing well or can you create an atmosphere of unconstrained kindness? Take care of your own unique style.