What should I learn about content for generating leads?

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14 stycznia 2019 13:42

Content is an important part of any marketing strategy. A blog, a video channel on YouTube, social networks can be used to drive traffic and generate leads for the sales department. According to surveys, 68% of marketers use content marketing to increase brand awareness, 68% - to attract direct customers, 66% - to generate leads.


1 Corporate blogging

Regularly publishing useful content for the reader, you gain his trust and loyalty. It is quite natural that if you offer a subscription to blog updates, visitors to your site will willingly give you their contacts in return for a regular dose of interesting and relevant information for them.


2. The release of "white books"

“White books” are electronic collections of useful tips in the form of a PDF-file, dedicated to solving a particular problem of the reader and diluted with visual visualizations. They are distributed free of charge in exchange for user contact information.


3. Webinars

Useful content can be shared not only in a blog or in white books. It is possible and necessary to back up the printed word with an oral one, which means conducting webinars. The scheme of gathering contacts of potential clients is as follows: we announce the webinar, place detailed information on the event on the landing page, after which we offer to register for those who wish to visit it. The Web Labs issue was devoted to webinars and their business benefits.


Of course, for any business it is important to be recognizable and generate direct traffic to the site, but these are less effective methods for converting users, which, of course, will work (on average, converting incoming traffic into sales is 1% or less), but not as good I would like to. Content marketing can be used more efficiently by integrating it into landing pages to generate better leads, subsequently processed either by the sales department or Follow Up newsletter using Lead Nurturing technology (creating/growing real buyers). In this way, companies that do not neglect content marketing will be able to attract a segmented target audience and convert it at every stage of the sales funnel.