What is virtual reality?

19 grudnia 2018 15:00

Everyone who uses the Internet or plays computer games has heard about virtual reality at least once. But what does it represent, what possibilities does it hide in itself?

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19 grudnia 2018 15:02

Virtual reality is a world that does not actually exist, created by technical means artificially. With the help of virtual reality systems and tools, a person, immersed in it, can perform the same actions as in real life, interact with the outside world. Virtual reality is also called artificial, electronic, computer reality and is often confused with augmented reality. But augmented reality (eng. Augmented reality, AR - “augmented reality”) only complements the real world, introducing elements of artificial reality into it, while the virtual reality world is completely artificially created. Virtual reality can be of several types: - passive BP - this is just an image and its accompaniment with sound, a person in such a BP does not control anything, - the examined BP - in such a BP a limited choice of scenarios of sound and image, as well as human actions, - interactive BP - the user chooses scripts, manages such a BP. Full immersion in virtual reality and interaction with its objects is achieved only with the use of special devices. Such devices that provide complete immersion in virtual reality and mimic human interaction with it through all the senses: eyes (vision), ears (hearing), tongue (taste), nose (smell), skin (touch), are called BP systems. Despite the already impressive achievements in the field of virtual reality modeling, it is still too early to talk about the complete reproduction of the real world: full 3D virtual reality is still impossible. Even the most modern BP devices that provide the transmission of sounds and images, actions and tactile sensations, cannot yet provide the full effect of immersion in BP, which would completely repeat the reality. But progress does not stand still, every year new technologies appear and devices for VR are being improved, including virtual reality for the smartphone, and, who knows, maybe a virtual world will soon appear that is indistinguishable from the real one.