What is the difference between marketing and sales funnel?

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21 stycznia 2019 13:31

Most people use the terms “sales funnel” and “marketing funnel” interchangeably talking about the same thing. Even in the marketing world, it is common to determine one process in two ways.  However, the sales funnel and the marketing funnel is two closely related functions and is generally associated with sale and brand promotion activities.  We will dig into them slightly deeper and find the real differences. Defining this terms and understanding that differences will help you know the communication software needed for each. So what are they? 

Sales funnel – it is the actual process that helps you to move your potential customer towards actually purchasing your product or offer. Sales funnel is powered by marketing activities (and that may be that confusing feature) that generate awareness of clients. The main goal of it is to find out that is the exact path of your clients and what you can do to make the visitor of your website become a regular customer who even recommends you.  It is about leading people to the proper point of a sale.  Proper sales funnel contain some unchangeable elements such as visitors, leads, prospects, clients and regulars. 

Marketing funnel – is a process that enables brands to increase visibility and stand out over the competitors. It is all about guiding potential clients through their journey, only not focusing on who they are, but what to do to encourage them to get acquainted with the brand and, eventually, buy. It is commonly used to visualize the buyer’s journey and create a marketing strategy that regulates the whole system better. It can be described by many stages, but the most common ones are brand awareness, interest, consideration, intent, evaluation, and purchase. 

What is really the difference between them?

As you can see, they both have the same core and goal: to make people buy the products. There’s an existing fine line between them and splitting them up can be really hard. The real difference between them seems to be the context of their use. 

Like the sales and marketing fulfill two different (but coherent) functions, the sales funnel and marketing funnel focuses on another aim as well. 

Marketing is all about creating an image of your brand and products and expectations about what you are offering. It focuses on how to make the potential buyers believe that they need your brand and your offer suits them. 

Sales are the path of every accidental person to become your customer and to really like your products. It is more important to match the message to the right people using the proper targeting techniques.  

The most noticeable difference we can see at the bottom of both funnels. In marketing funnel, we achieve our goal by just selling the product. The job is done, now it’s time to create new messages and build awareness in another target group. Sales funnel is more about the customer itself, so that is why the bottom stage of this funnel has to get regular clients who can help us with promoting our brand.