What is SERP?

31 stycznia 2019 16:46

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31 stycznia 2019 16:47

Previously, options for switching between search modes (all results, pictures, maps, video, news, etc.) and access to settings were located in a vertical block on the left side of the screen. Now, this functional unit has acquired a horizontal form and moved to the top of the screen under the search query input line. In addition, this block received a drop-down menu.

This arrangement of controls is designed to increase the comfort of using the search page and reduce the number of actions performed to obtain the desired result.

SERP (Search Engine Result Page) is a search engine results page. Having entered one or another query into the search box, the user will see a list of links (snippets) to web pages containing content relevant to this query. This is the search results page (or issue). The abbreviation SERP stands for a search engine results page. These results are links, with details on the subject of the user's request.

The main elements of the SERP are:
- Direct search results, consisting of links to sites. This is a natural search engine ranking, where sites compete for the highest positions. The search results page contains 10 links by default, but their number can be changed in the search settings;
- Blocks with contextual advertising;
- Small fields before the search results. They may contain input errors, a quick response to a user request, a calculator, and so on;
- Pictures;
- Related queries - the user is offered other forms of words and phrases or similar queries;

Determine what information is most relevant to your users in the process of narrowing the range of possible purchase options. Highlight the priorities in this content and create a consistent miniature information architecture from the details in each description of the listing page element. This will make it easier for users to choose and make the search more efficient.