What is SEO score?

29 stycznia 2019 14:41

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29 stycznia 2019 14:42

Semantic text analysis is an assessment of the SEO text in terms of its relevance to the optimization goals. Semantic analysis is designed to show the ratio of the total number of words in the text and significant words that make up the semantic core.

Thus, a copywriter can draw certain conclusions and, based on the results of a semantic analysis, make the necessary adjustment of the text, making it more attractive both to the search engine and to the person.

Indicators of semantic analysis can be divided into the following categories:
1/ Keyword - words comprising the semantic core are used in the text. Inquiries on which the page is being promoted, in terms of the frequency of reduction in the text, should prevail over all other words, but in general, their ratio to the total mass of words should not exceed 6%. Each of the keywords should be given in the text several times, but in such a ratio, so as not to prevail over all other words in the text by more than 6%. This percentage can be calculated by dividing the number of occurrences of each word by the total number of words in the text (not including stop words).

2/ Stop - words - the number in the text of words that do not carry a semantic load (prepositions, conjunctions, pronouns, the most frequently used nouns on the Internet, verbs, etc.). Stop - words are not taken into account when indexing by search engines, which should be remembered when calculating the percentage of density in the text of keywords. Stop words refer to the so-called water.

Semantic analysis is an indicator of the quality of SEO-text, which is compiled and placed on the pages of the site in order to promote it. Writing text for optimization requires the presence of a number of indicators in it, which should not exceed the relevant standards. In other words, the analysis makes it possible to understand whether the text has been recaptured, how nauseous it is, or whether water prevails in it, which words are overwhelming, etc.