What is plain text email?

11 grudnia 2018 13:27

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15 stycznia 2019 16:19

Plain text email is a message composed of pure text, without any HTML responsible for formatting. So no colours, links or graphics. Just simple, typewriter-like lines of text. See the top 3 advantages of plain text emails:

#1 All devices like it

One of the main reasons you should think about using plain text instead of a flashy HTML template is that it allows avoiding any compatibility issues. No matter what operating system, browser or device the person you’re trying to reach is using, your message will be displayed in the same way. Heavy HTML emails may contain elements that will not load properly (or not at all) without certain plugins, which will not help your professional image. Not to mention smartwatches or old-style mobile phones.

#2 Email clients like it

Just as important, plain text email is much less likely to be thrown in a trashcan by a spam filter. Individual settings of email clients may also render your message useless, by blocking links or graphics or even causing it to be displayed as pure HTML code. Plain text will never be distorted in such a way. Its smaller size will also allow it to load much faster, especially for someone with low bandwidth (which is quite prevalent in the age of public Wi-Fi and limited data plans).

#3 People like it

Many people find a plain text to be more inviting. Your expensive looking template with a big banner and carefully formatted footer don’t give a vibe of something that was made specifically for the person receiving it. The few simple sentences, especially if written properly, do just that. It’s like a private message. And it can be generated automatically of course.


In some situations, you may want to go exclusively with plain text. But you can combine the two as well. Most marketing software allows you to easily add a plain text version to your HTML email, so take advantage of that.