What is permission-based marketing?

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4 stycznia 2019 16:16

The term permission-based marketing was first used as a concept introduced in a book of the same title by marketing expert Seth Godin, in 1999. It means you are sending marketing content only to people who are interested in your company and give you marketing consent. It is crucial, especially now in the age of RODO. 

Instead of sending your messages or calling random people who are in most cases not interested in what you offer, you only target those that already have shown an interest in your products or services. They know your company and your role is to engage them. They already decided to become subject of marketing so use this chance and convert them into happy customers. 

Remember! Never be bothersome or pushy while asking for marketing permission. Better attract visitors giving them something extra. Here are some examples:

- free trial

- discount coupons

- exclusive offers

- free ebook

- access for the free webinar

If you gain your audience's trust, giving something valuable there is a much better chance of selling your product!