What is native advertising?

2 stycznia 2019 14:50

Native advertising is the use of ads that look, feel and function like the media format in which they appear. Unlike traditional banners or display ads, they just don’t look like ads at all. Native ads look like a natural part of the content environment. Benefits of native advertising: - Getting the brand image to the mind of the consumer as a natural part of his everyday reality - Dulling customers’ vigilance and induce them to perform predicted activities such as link clicks - Engage the audience through attractive content seemingly unrelated to the brand - Buzz-generating - Building awareness What are the main types of native advertising? - online sponsored articles - traditional press sponsored articles - online advertising videos - sponsored content - recommendations - promoted listings - native social media promoted posts What should you remember while creating native ads? If you want to make a really creative and engaging campaign, perfectly matched to your client’s needs, you have to expect higher costs. It is important to remember that in the digital world quality of the creations is extremely important and any bad creations are neglected by users. The second matter is the content itself. The engaging content from which your visitor can learn new and significant information is really the value. A well-created native ad does not look like an advertisement at all and that’s what attracts potential customers. You don’t put up a barrier that arises in contact with traditional sponsored material and that increases your chances of reaching the customer in a natural way.