What is HTML email?

11 grudnia 2018 11:18

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15 stycznia 2019 15:31

HTML stands for HyperText Markup Language. It’s the way email templates are coded so HTML emails contain colors, links, and graphics. Choosing this kind of communication you need to be aware that the design of well-looking and well-working HTML email takes more time than a plain text option. HTML should be aligned with your company brand, incorporate proper fonts, colors and represent your company image.

Don’t be afraid if it sounds troublesome – see below two main superiorities of HTML:

1. High-converting call to action With HTML emails you need to give a lot but also you can receive nice results. If your main objective is to convert a sale, HTML gives you options that you won’t find in plain text emails. Clickable buttons and links let your recipients take an action upon getting your message.

2. Graphics make your communication easy to understand. Sometimes there is no choice and information you are presenting needs to be visually organized. If you want to give to the customer clear communicate, you should consider HTML emails. Provide clients with properly chosen graphics so they will understand your message better than with plain text. It’s worth to remember that image speaks a thousand words. If you are not sure which option works better, you can always send HTML with plain text attached as option B. It will be displayed if the HTML won’t be loaded. Most email providers offer this way as a default option.