What is guerilla marketing?

21 stycznia 2019 13:43

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21 stycznia 2019 13:43

Advertising is no longer the engine of commerce. It is time to take this fact for granted. She flooded everything around and instead of interest now causes only irritation. Have you heard of such a term as “banner blindness”? This is a phenomenon when a person ignores not only banners but also any other elements resembling advertising.

The concept of "guerrilla marketing" was introduced by the famous American advertiser Jay Levinson in 1984, when his first book with the same name was published. In it, he described in detail low-cost advertising methods for small businesses and convinced readers that even with small budgets, excellent results can be achieved. And although the definition of guerrilla marketing was not given in it, the term gained great popularity and began to be actively used by advertisers. Perhaps this is what influenced the emergence of unsettled terminology.


The main features of this type of marketing include:

- The original approach to the presentation of a product or brand, a high degree of creativity in the formation of a strategy.

- The use of scandalous means of attracting attention, which may, to some extent, be contrary to generally accepted moral norms.

- Minimum financial costs or lack thereof.

- Using each technique only once (repeating the same non-standard way of attracting attention more than once is usually ineffective).

- Using methods of psychological pressure, allowing to persuade a potential client to make a purchase.


So, when using guerrilla marketing, not perfectly adjusted standard advertising tools are suitable for the first place, but bright, unusual, non-trivial and memorable techniques. Guerrilla marketing is considered one of the cost-effective elements of a marketing strategy. It allows you to reduce costs for the promotion of goods through the implementation of non-standard marketing moves. Use this method, show imagination, do not regret time and effort. And you will definitely see results. Good luck!