What is exit intent popup?

19 grudnia 2018 14:31


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20 grudnia 2018 12:23

As you probably know, Internet users attention span is low and it's really difficult to catch someone's interest. Plenty of website visitors forget what did they want from the page they are browsing, so they click the X button and leave the website. Now you can let the visitor go away and hope they will return at some point or try very effective marketing trick which is an exit-intent popup. It's a window that appears on the screen when a user indicates he is going to leave the website by moving their mouse either in the direction of the upper part of the browser. Remember that your visitors are smarter nowadays than in the first years of Internet and you can stop them only offering catchy content or call to action button. Here I listed best working ideas for exit-intent popups usage: - offer special discounts for those who get back to their shopping cards - propose product upgrade - suggest related content or similar products (if you are e-commerce) - offer a free trial - or extra shopping coupon - free shipping for finalizing the purchase - ask for feedback/filing the survey - ask for following your social media account - give your clients the chance to win something Usually, exit-intent popups increase conversion by around 5-10% (according to Venture Harbour). Don't be annoying with your visitors, don't show them popups too often or without X button to close the window. Creating a popup message probably seems to be easy but in fact, it's better to think twice. You won't interest every single user but even these few % can make a real difference in your sales and conversion rate. You have little to lose but a lot to gain with exit-intent popups, just give them a serious try.