What is event tracking?

11 grudnia 2018 13:40

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15 stycznia 2019 16:16

Event tracking, which does not generate new hits, is one of the elements of the usability analysis of each website. Website owners may be interested in events such as:

# Exits via links referring to other websites (e.g. via which the link users left the page), multimedia usability (e.g. how many people clicked the play in the video on the site), download files on the website, e.g. any PDF files, ZIP files etc., exit from the website via flash banners.

# The creators of Google Analytics made sure, however, to track events on pages where the tracking code is not executed, i.e. reloading the page. This functionality would not be possible without the modification of the page code.

# As a part of Google Analytics, we can track different events on the website. Event tracking is an interaction or activity of a given user with an element of a website that is tracked in GA.


The elements that we can follow are:

- videos

- gadgets

- podcasts

- buttons

- forms

- scrollbar

- external and internal link

- lightboxes

- Ajax content etc..


The assessment of which links are most often clicked and which external sites users are willing to pass may be crucial. Similarly with downloadable files. You can use this for example by creating an advanced segment of users who downloaded a guide from your site.

If you compare their behavior with other visitors, you will receive conclusions regarding, for example, the substantive value of your guide. If it is well and honestly written, then probably users who have had the opportunity to read it will spend more time on your site and at the same time will visit more pages within it, looking for more interesting and valuable information.