What is event marketing?

23 stycznia 2019 10:55

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23 stycznia 2019 11:00

When traditional advertising methods do not work, and the markets are replete with identical offers, more and more manufacturers resort to implementing their marketing strategies through event measures to promote the brand.

Event marketing is not only the organization of events but also the promotion of companies, brands, ideas. It's not only conferences, training, picnics, but also city games or team building. It is a complex mechanism of managing market processes through events - a process in which the company's goals are realized. The number of possible forms of event marketing implementation is virtually unlimited and depends on the creativity of those responsible for this plot in the company.

The purpose of event marketing is to promote the interests of the company, manipulating the behavior and opinion of the target audience.

The task of event marketing is to create a positive personal attitude towards the brand, company, to generate interest, to give him the opportunity to feel the benefits, to get a real experience of communication with the product, brand.

Organizing the event you need to remember that:

- the target audience corresponding to the event was selected;

- the event involves the participation of guests, action;

- The event offers the benefit of the audience communicating with the product, brand.

Event marketing is used by companies not so much as a tool for reminding themselves but more when a new offer or product appears. It allows to build a relationship in-person and in real-time. Event marketing is underrated: it gives huge benefits for both company and audience, but it requires a lot of work from a host side and that's the reason why companies rather make use other marketing tricks to attract new customers.