What is email open rate?

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15 stycznia 2019 16:12

E-mail allows you to exchange letters and files between Internet users. The principle of its work is similar to regular mail. First, you need to register an email address on any mail service, including many free ones. Then you can send letters and receive messages to your address. The open rate is a measure that gives marketers many opportunities.

What is it actually like? How is it calculated? The open rate tells how many people on our mailing list have opened or have seen a specific campaign. It is important to realize that the open index is not a 100% measure. The registration can take place only when the postal program of our reader allows displaying graphics in HTML documents. If we send only text campaigns, there is no way to record the number of openings of individual emails. Similarly, people reading our HTML messages, without displaying images, will not be registered as open.

Therefore, the open index should never be treated as a rigid measure. It is definitely better to treat it as a measure of trends than a rigid determinant, which can be taken as a certainty in the planning of subsequent campaigns.

There are many elements that can affect the opening rates of your campaigns. Below we list only a few ways to encourage the recipients of our campaigns to actively open e-mails:

# Experiment with the form of the topic. Try to put important details about the content of the email already in the subject field, instead of using standard, boring and low incentive formulas.

# Pay attention to the day in which you send the mailing. Your recipients do not like Monday morning? Try to do write them on Wednesday before noon! Find out as much as possible about their habits, adjust the content to their needs and mood!

# Always place the most important information at the beginning. The times when the arguments developed from the general to the concrete ended. Give the customer the most important information at the beginning. You have a guarantee that even if you are discouraged to read your correspondence further, the most important message will not escape his attention.

The improvement of opening indicators requires three things: knowledge, courage, and creativity. So let's try to empathize with the situation of your recipient, do not be afraid to experiment with the form and come up with interesting ideas.