What is drip marketing?

23 stycznia 2019 11:01

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23 stycznia 2019 11:05

As you know, one regular customer is better than the new two. More precisely, more profitable.

At the same time, work with a client base remains the most vulnerable point for many businesses. It’s hard to imagine how much profit is flowing to competitors. Interaction with customers is built in the same way, from the first contact to repeat sales. In this article, we will analyze one of the approaches - the technology of "drip" marketing. When and how to interact with consumers, what to turn them from strangers into loyal fans of your brand

Drip Marketing is a PR business, product or person through a newsletter that is sent on a special “drip” schedule. This strategy is used primarily to maintain loyalty and attract new customers. Schedule mailing is to remind, but not to impose. Mailings are sent at periodic intervals, which, according to psychologists, is optimal: the audience manages to miss the news and discounts. These messages are sent to customers by email, RSS subscriptions, push notifications. This method assumes that systematic persuasion removes the client's doubts, and he becomes more cooperative. Drip marketing assumes relevant content, electronic mailing, as a way to communicate with subscribers and focus on customer behavior and actions.

Drip marketing is what gives people the right information at the right time. If someone has just subscribed to your blog newsletter, for example, a welcome letter is sent immediately, and in two days - a letter in which the subscriber will see some of your most readable materials. The beauty of drip marketing is that it all happens automatically based on the triggers and custom segments that you define.

Give a try to drip marketing: conduct regular surveys, contests, limited promotions for regular customers. After some time you will notice drip marketing really work :)