What is Demand Generation Marketing?

14 stycznia 2019 13:48

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14 stycznia 2019 13:48

In today's free market conditions, in the face of constantly growing competition and a new model of an aware consumer, it has become a matter of survival for today's entrepreneurs to generate independent demand for their own products and services.

In marketing, one of the fundamental concepts is demand. Determining its level is included in all market research. In essence, demand is a specific need, supported by purchasing power. This indicator in modern society is amenable to statistical analysis on the basis of information on the volumes of products sold and services rendered. The magnitude of the demand depends, among other things, on the cost of marketing.

Therefore, this topic is closely related to other marketing issues. Demand can be defined as the desire and ability of the consumer to buy a product or service at a certain time and place. It is necessary to distinguish the concept of "desire" and "demand." Not every desire to have a product is in demand; only that desire turns into demand, which is supported by the financial capabilities of the buyer. In other words, the market does not respond to the needs that are not secured by the buyer's solvency. The magnitude of the demand for goods is determined by the influence of the following factors.

The first model of marketing message used by most companies focuses on the product itself: what?, while in the second case the most important is why? and how? An inspiring marketing campaign, effectively generating demand, should resemble the model used by Apple, i.e. the one according to which the product is the least important in itself. In this way, you create the need to belong to your community (said communication node) and to the content you publish. Thanks to this, you will develop a long-lasting relationship with your recipients who will be happy to return to your website in search of new, inspiring and useful information. In short, to generate more demand for your products or services, you must first generate demand for your content