What is Customer Satisfaction?

2 stycznia 2019 10:16

What does it mean in marketing?

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2 stycznia 2019 10:17

Customer satisfaction is the key to success and should be the goal for every company. Every company wants to gain a hassle-free customer who constantly buys and recommends. Customer Satisfaction is usually measured by CSAT metric. It measures the level of satisfaction from 1 to 5 or 7 point scale on how clients feel about customer experience. Why is it so important to every brand? Customer Satisfaction helps you to: - Stand out of the competition - Knowing your clients, you can adapt to their needs. You just give them what your competition cannot give. You can also predict the movements of competition, especially those destructive to your business. - Identify unsatisfied customers. By analyzing negative feedback and defining your mistakes and shortcomings, it’s easy to see where you can improve business and get more customers. Of course, reading negative reviews or talking to dissatisfied customers is not the most pleasant job, but these opinions will give you more information than positive recommendations. Criticism can teach a lot about running a business. Identify happy customers: Thanks to the opinions of satisfied customers, you know what your successes are. This allows you to set priorities to focus on. Knowing your strengths and weaknesses, we know where we should go and what we are better than the competition. Plan priorities: Thanks to the knowledge about the customer experience, you can quickly locate the problems and focus on solving them. Defining the priorities, we focus on development to remove the negative elements. Know how to wow your customers: Satisfying customers and making them happy with services or products is one thing. Knowing what they expect, what they dream about, we can think of ways how to surprise them even more. Such small elements of positive surprise are much more likely to impress new customers.