What is customer experience?

11 grudnia 2018 14:04

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15 stycznia 2019 16:09

Building a long-term relationship and giving a positive experience to customers is unfortunately often overlooked by many companies.

I will try to describe what, as a salesman, you should focus your attention to make it different. So that the customer not only returned to your store but also made purchases again. The concept of customer experience means the sum of customer experience gained from contacting the store, its service, the website, and even the courier delivering the packages, but it can also be used in the sense of a one-time experience with one purchase transaction in the store. Such experiences may be conscious, rationally, positive, attractive, interactive, etc.

The largest analysts and commentators, who write about customer experience and relationship management, put the customer's experience as a priority and the most important thing in sales. What experiences we give our clients later reflects on the perception of our company by the consumer.

What's more, our brand begins to exist in its head, as something positive that is worth recommending or in the case of bad experiences, something worth discouraging others. The main benefits of a strategy based on customer experience are:

# Acquiring new customers

# Satisfied customers returning

#Avoiding the negative effect of the snowball

# Remembering the company and building a well-known brand According to the best customer service experts, customers most often rate sales organizations, service support, and shipping logistics in online stores.

So these are the elements on which customers depend, the elements on which we should pay attention in the first place. It is for them that customers return to your store.

Of course, the price is also important, but almost every customer is able to pay extra for shopping in a store from which he had previously gained positive experience, then in a new store, which he does not know yet and has limited confidence about it.