What is brand recognition?

23 stycznia 2019 11:20

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23 stycznia 2019 11:22

Brand recognition - is the level of awareness of potential consumers about the brand. Measured by quantitative research in the target market as the ratio of the number of brand-aware potential consumers to their total number. It can be measured both for the target market as a whole and within a specific segment.

Brand awareness is crucial in the life cycle of any company. If the brand is recognizable, there may be situations where the product or service provided by the majority of potential buyers is associated with this particular brand. Brand awareness is especially important in the production of goods and services of extra quality. 

There are some types of brand awareness

Top of Mind - the first brand, which is remembered by the consumer at the mention of the product category. A high figure for this type of recognition suggests that the brand is in the consumer's perception a clear leader in its product category, and most of them already associate the product category with the brand.

Spontaneous recognition - a brand is called a consumer, among others named for the specified product category. Talking about the perception of consumers of this brand as one of the leaders of the product category.

Brand Recognition - A consumer recognizes a brand when he sees or hears it. In this case, for recognition with a hint, you can consider the recognition of the actual name, logo, packaging or the product itself.


The consumer is not an expert in the market and very rarely really understands the products that he buys. The consumer is inclined to believe the statements of manufacturing companies and sometimes does not even have the experience of buying goods on the market. Thus, a consumer always assesses his risks before buying a product: the risk of losing money and the risk of buying a bad product. It is because of the fear of making the wrong choice that he chooses famous trademarks about which he has heard, read or seen advertising somewhere.