What is brand promise?

23 stycznia 2019 11:23

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23 stycznia 2019 11:23

A brand is consistent. Consistency is the main virtue of any brand. If you put on one side of the scales the creativity of brand promotion, its appearance, special promotions and much, much more, and the second - the sequence, then it will outweigh. In a competitive niche, an abundance of advertising and a beautiful wrapper do not work. Primary user experience with the brand promise.

A brand is a promise. If you look at the essence of the definition, you can see that it comes down to the simple phrase “brand is a promise”. Indeed, every time a customer comes to the store for our goods, he should receive confirmation of the promise made earlier by the goods. Sometimes it is easier for marketers to imagine this situation if instead of the word “promise” put the word “contract”: “a brand is a contract”. The buyer, on the one hand, and the brand, on the other, conclude an agreement that the first party pays its money, and the second meet the needs that it promised.

If you belong to the category of people who sincerely believe that the work of a brand manager consists of writing beautiful stories that can miraculously increase and raise certain indicators of the business. But no, you are definitely not one of these, you must be realistic. You suspect something. There is a rarely used term: brand promise. They write about it much less often than about the essence of the brand or brand values. And on the sites of corporations, the brand does not seem to promise anything. But the concept is important. A brand promise is what a brand is capable of giving to a customer. That is the most unique offer.