What is brand loyalty and how to increase it?

19 grudnia 2018 13:40


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19 grudnia 2018 13:41

Buyers choose brands that they know. Even if your product is cheaper or better, the customer often chooses the brand to which he is loyal. How to use this effect to your advantage? To increase the loyalty of the audience to the brand. Let us see how social networks can help. Loyalty - the concept of marketing, commitment, customer loyalty to the product or brand. Definitions add such conditions: the frequency of purchases of goods of a certain brand, the attitude of the consumer to the brand (brand attitude), the probability of switching to another brand. Some marketers define loyalty as a person’s resistance to the marketing activities of competing companies, caused by emotional brand loyalty. What is worth knowing about loyalty: The emotional component prevails over the emotional A loyal consumer is ready to make repeated purchases of the brand The consumer is completely satisfied with the product and service of the company Allocate behavioral and relational brand loyalty It is impossible to create a brand without the main attributes: logo, corporate colors, legends. Develop a corporate identity and use it in all advertising materials, in illustrations, on ads. How to increase brand loyalty? - Creating a page or group of the company on which interesting content will be published. If the user is a fan of your brand, he will be happy to know any news about your company. Engagement is the key to increase loyalty. Hidden marketing in the thematic communities, writing positive reviews and working with negative. - Organization of interesting contests and promotion. Everyone loves the opportunity to win a prize. Sometimes a stock small by the standards of a company's turnover can attract hundreds and thousands of loyal potential customers. As you can see, increasing customer loyalty is a rather painstaking job that takes a lot of time and money. However, all this will help in a short time to increase brand awareness, organize a community of fans of your company and attract new partners. In short, cooperation with our team will take your business to a new level.