What is artificial inteligence?

4 lutego 2019 13:21

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Intelligence artificielle

ensemble des théories et des techniques développant des programmes informatiques complexes capables de simuler certains traits de l'intelligence humaine (raisonnement, apprentissage

4 lutego 2019 13:21

Artificial intelligence can be defined as a scientific discipline that is concerned with modeling intelligent behavior. This definition has one major drawback - the concept of intelligence is difficult to explain. Most people are confident that they will be able to distinguish "rational behavior" when faced with it.

However, it is unlikely that anyone will be able to give the intellect a definition that is concrete enough to assess a supposedly reasonable computer program and at the same time reflects the viability and complexity of the human mind.

So, the problem of defining artificial intelligence comes down to the problem of defining intelligence in general: is it one thing, or does this term unite a set of disparate abilities? To what extent can intelligence be created? What is creativity? What is intuition? Is it possible to judge the presence of intelligence only by the observed behavior? How does knowledge appear in the nerve tissues of living beings, and how can this be applied in the design of intelligent devices? Is it even possible to achieve intelligence through computer technology, or does the essence of intelligence require a wealth of feelings and experience inherent only in biological beings?

For these reasons, the definition of artificial intelligence given at the beginning of the article does not provide an unambiguous description for this field of science. It only raises new questions and opens paradoxes in the field, one of the main tasks of which is the search for self-determination. However, the problem of finding an accurate definition of artificial intelligence is quite understandable. The study of artificial intelligence is still a young discipline, and its structure, range of issues and methods are not as clearly defined as in more mature sciences, such as physics.

Artificial intelligence is designed to expand the capabilities of computer science, and not to determine their boundaries. One of the important tasks facing researchers is to support these efforts with clear theoretical principles.