What is Agile Marketing?

29 stycznia 2019 14:28

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29 stycznia 2019 14:36

Agile marketing (eng. Agile marketing, flexible marketing) is a method of flexible planning of marketing strategies. It consists in the rejection of the classic long-term plans for the development and expenditure of the marketing budget in favor of short iterations and the ability to make changes to the strategy at any time.

Principles of agile marketing

1/ The most important task is to make the client happy. For this, constant maintenance of the process and prompt elimination of errors are necessary.
2/ Welcome the changes and plan to change. Readiness to respond quickly to changes is a major competitive advantage.
3/ To produce a marketing plan is necessary often, in terms of a couple of weeks to a couple of months, but the more often the better.
4/ Good marketing comes when developers, sellers and buyers come to an agreement.
5/ Create a marketing plan around interested people. Give them the support and environment they need to do their job.
6/ Learn by analyzing customer reactions and their feedback - this is the most important assessment of your progress.
7/ Agile marketing requires constantly to keep pace, but do not forget about the necessary improvements.
8/ Do not be afraid to make a mistake, just do not repeat one mistake twice.
9/ Constant attention to the basics of marketing and good design increase flexibility.
10/ Simplicity is the basis of everything.

Agile marketing emerged as the result of a rethinking of a flexible development methodology. Software developers were the first to feel the need to abandon their plans for the long term, which quickly lost their relevance. So there were agile-methods, the essence of which is to make the development flexible and change the initial plans if this will benefit the product and the customer. In 2001, the principles of flexible methodology were formulated in a manifesto.