What is a SaaS company?

28 stycznia 2019 11:45

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28 stycznia 2019 11:46

The times when the purchase of software was associated with the need to store CDs or the long process of installing programs has passed. All this thanks to the development of cloud computing technology: the SaaS model.

What is SaaS?
SaaS is the abbreviation of Software-as-a-Service. It is a form of accessing and distributing programs when the user gives all control to the administrator. In the SaaS model, there is no need to install the program on your computer or other devices because it is in the cloud and possibly be run online. It is your administrator who deals with all the management, updating and technical support. All you need is Internet access.

SaaS – pros
No need to worry about infrastructure – you don’t have to waste your time and to install, configure and maintain programs. Access to data can be obtained from anywhere.

  • Scalability - when you need to add more users, you can adjust your monthly SaaS subscription as required.
  • Accessibility – it can be available on a wide range of desktop and mobile devices with an internet connection.
  • Upgradeability - your cloud service provider deals with hardware and software updates or removing a significant workload from your in-house IT department. 

SaaS – cons

  • Dependence – any failure of the supplier may cause paralysis in the enterprise, and storing data on other servers may not seem the best option.
  • Best internet connection needed – it naturally enforces a reliable connection to the Internet, but this becomes a standard - after all, today's functioning is based on it.
  • Integration – if you must adopt multiple SaaS applications, you probably will face the problem of software integration.
  • Security - if sensitive company data and business processes are to be entrusted to a service provider, then issues such as identity and access management need to be addressed.