What is a long-tail keyword?

14 stycznia 2019 13:46

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14 stycznia 2019 13:46

Getting high positions in a search engine can be difficult, and sometimes even impossible. Long-tail keywords may be the solution, which will be less popular, but more valuable when it comes to conversion and quality of attracted users. Find out more about it.

Long tail keywords are a type of search queries that have at least three or more words in the expression, but this is not a rigid rule. We use them (search engine users) and website owners when we want to narrow down the search results to specific results. Such phrases are often very specific and generate less organic traffic from the search engine, but the quality of such traffic is very high, which leads to a better conversion percentage than in the case of regular general keywords.

Can keywords with a long tail consist of two or fewer expressions? Yes and no. We need to look at the "long" key phrase in two ways: it will consist of many words, i.e. it will be a standard definition or it will be one or two words that describe in great detail what we want to find. There is also a third option, which is a completely new phrase for the search engine, which may consist of one or two expressions, and yet we call it a key phrase with a long tail because it generates a specific movement of users with precise intentions.

Proper keyword analysis and long tail positioning is an opportunity not only for large stores and websites, with a large number of subpages or a wide range, but also for smaller companies that can effectively overtake competition through the promotion of niche products and services. The more so that when it comes to natural search results, larger portals are able to achieve better results (unfortunately, the principle that a large one can do more) works perfectly well.