What is a lead magnet?

19 grudnia 2018 11:32

What is a lead magnet, what lead magnets do you use to attract new customers?

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19 grudnia 2018 11:35

Lead magnets are means of getting people to give you their email address, and if possible, any other additional information. They’re tools used to expand your mailing list and personally, I use some of them. So what are lead magnets? There are a lot of popular kinds of link magnets, and many more can be thought of depending on your ingenuity. Most common include ebooks, newsletters, podcasts, and video presentations. The point is to make it desirable, so people will be willing to give their information in exchange. Perhaps a competition or a raffle? Think about something you can realistically create. Podcasts require time, equipment and talent. So do videos. Competitions are much easier, but not everybody likes to play games in which odds of winning are unknown. They also don’t give you emails of people who are necessarily interested in your product. Access to video guides about a specific topic will be alluring to a specific crowd. This is valuable data. The same goes for ebooks and newsletters. In essence, when deciding an a magnet, think about what you can deliver and what you want to get. What else? Lead magnets need to be specific to the people will know what they are getting. They need to be quickly accessible, so they won’t scare people off with a prospect of a lengthy process of filling applications and downloading files. They need to guarantee a quick solution to a real problem. And most importantly, they need to attract with a promise of quality and professionalism your company wants to be associated with. Unless you’re okay with making them funny, which can also work. If it was your introduction to the concept of a lead magnet, you’ll now probably notice the Internet is full of them. You might’ve been using them without even realizing their purpose. Look for those magnets during your daily browsing and try to assess which are worth incorporating into your marketing strategy.