What is a hot lead?

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3 stycznia 2019 15:32

“Hot” lead is a lead that fills all of your set criteria and is ready to buy. Such a lead is a perfect sales opportunity - if you give them a little push, they will buy the product, that’s why those leads should be your absolute priority. But the question is, how can you know the lead you just found a “hot” one? By using lead scoring! Lead scoring is estimating how likely the lead is to make a purchase or use the service - are they loyal customers, “warm” leads (meaning interested but not yet ready to buy) or completely uninterested? Of course, you could give the same treatment to every lead you find, but then the perfect sales opportunity could disappear.

So first, you need to set rules for lead scoring. Then, depending on the score your leads get:

1/ The ones with the highest rating - those are the closest to purchase/most loyal customers and should be your priority. Those are your “hot” leads.

2/ The ones with a lower score - send them for further email nurturing. Those are “warm” leads.

3/ The ones with the lowest score - first try to check are they still even interested in your company, for example by asking for feedback. If you get no reply (or this person unsubscribes from your emails), forget about them. Those are so-called “cold” leads.

If you don’t have too many leads yet, you can try to do the scoring manually. But at some point, scoring and nurturing leads take way too much time. That’s when you need a good system to do the scoring for you!