What Does Your Handwriting Say About You?

2 stycznia 2019 11:20

Do you believe it matters?

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2 stycznia 2019 11:21

The way we write letters and words can define one of over 5000 different personalities. Graphologists in the analysis of the handwriting always prefer to use italics. It gives a much better view of the character of the person than the same written in print. Graphology is a field of knowledge dealing with the recognition of personality and tendencies based on the character of the handwriting. It analyzes the size, width, and inclination of the writing, the distance between letters, words and lines, how to tie letters, etc. The psychographer interprets the whole writing, not its individual features. The whole is important and how the individual elements of the writing influence each other. Therefore, you can not create an analysis based on only a few facts, because it will be distorted and as such - unusable. For example, big letters (pugnacity) leaning to the right (extrovert) can mean a person open to the world, looking for impressions, an optimistic self-confident. The same letters leaning to the left (introversion) may already mean a person who has a need to explore the world but it is a sphere of desires because its shyness inhibits pugnacity; it is open but for its internal experiences. Without analyzing the entire spectrum of all dependencies, it is impossible to create a reliable profile. Psychographers analyze not only the letters themselves but also often take into account the significance of the candidate for work or the so-called conference creativity or drawn spontaneous pictures and patterns. Each of us has a different type of writing. And that's why our letters are different from other people's letters. Everyone has their unique characteristics. It's like fingerprints because it's almost impossible to have identical features. Even if we really wanted, it would be difficult to change or hide those characteristic lines that come to us completely naturally, and which define our personality.