What are top social media marketing mistakes?

2 stycznia 2019 11:53

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2 stycznia 2019 11:55

Today, maintaining profiles in social networks is part of the marketing strategy of any company, no matter what size it is and what it does. Social platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter, provide a unique opportunity to reach the target audience. And for a startup and a successful company, they are equally important, having a decisive impact on the recognition and reputation of a product or service. For this reason, it is essential from the very beginning not to make mistakes and not to alienate your audience. Common promotion mistakes in social networks: 1. Lack of promotion strategy A company without a social media strategy will never achieve effective communication with its audience because communication will be inconsistent and confused. Develop your particular style, measurable goals, a clear policy for maintaining profiles and a well-designed publication calendar. 2. Buying subscribers Quantity does not mean quality. Your goal is to build long-term relationships with people, and not get hung up on numbers. Attracting a large number of subscribers — and the social influence that accompanies it — takes time and great effort. But the purchase of followers can lead to unpleasant consequences. 3. Talking about your brand and nothing else An endless stream of information about your company alone is likely to alienate readers. Of course, you are promoting your products, but you should also share other useful information related to your niche. A good start-up scheme is “5-3-2”, a social sharing model that helps you keep subscribers' attention and attract new ones. 4. Wrong hashtags Using hashtags when promoting in social networks can help when it comes to creating the “visibility” of your brand. # But # using # their # too # intrusive # annoying. Limit the number of tags and always ask yourself if they are appropriate. 5. Publishing too often Placing one post after another for several minutes or even hours can push subscribers off. Your task is to correctly plan the frequency of publications so as not to overload the readers with information and not to be considered a spammer. Otherwise, do not be surprised if they unsubscribe from you and never return. The first impression is fast, sturdy and durable. Do not miss the chance and do your best to form pleasant associations. Subsequently, you can try to change the first impression, but it is better to avoid mistakes at the very beginning of the journey.