What are the types of branding

21 stycznia 2019 13:34

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21 stycznia 2019 13:36

We live in a time when every marketer talks about branding constantly. Every person, every business, every environment has to think about branding. What is branding? It is the process of developing an identity for a person, company or a product. There are many advantages of building well-thought-out brandings, such as increasing awareness, and credibility of a brand or customer loyalty.

However, this process takes time and involves a lot of ups and downs, and of course – money. There are many types of branding that business can leverage on and each one of them is slightly different.

What are they? 

•    Personal branding – very common type among public figures, such as celebrities and politicians. Everyone who wants people to reflect a good image of them. Running a business you should consider building personal branding of yourself. You are the face of your company and your good image of an expert can really benefit to a better image of your business. Especially now, when it requires only social media account and some time to share your knowledge or outlook. 

•    Brand’s name recognition – large brands can be recognized by their logotypes, slogans or just the appearance of their products. However, corporate branding is also a consistent corporate culture, social responsibility, services, products, and employees. It is important to constantly present potential customers with the good image of your brand and familiarize them with its philosophy. This can really benefit in the future. 

•    Product branding – it is connected with the brand’s name recognition but is a small step further. Successful product branding is what pushes customers to choose one brand over another by identifying specific product’s features. Even by having one, but a recognizable product, we increase our chances that customers will consider purchasing any other products from us.

•    Geographical branding –  especially useful for businesses and services connected with a particular geographical region. Countries and regions brand themselves by focusing on the differences from other areas.  It is common in the tourism industry and comes in handy with advertising regions. 

•    Co-branding (dual branding) – There are situations where companies cooperate to achieve benefits that they would not be able to achieve alone. That can be also described as a marketing partnership between brands. Cooperating brands combine their strongest sides, creating a new value for the customer. The idea of co-branding is based on the mutual benefit of cooperating brands. 

•    Retail branding – giants in almost every industry use retail branding to create a brand preference that goes beyond the product in itself and makes it outpace the competition. Consumers come in direct contact with the company and its products.

Although all the branding types differ in their use and purpose, all of them require a few necessary actions: consistency, development, and protection. These are the rules for creating successful branding no matter if you want to increase your sales by effective product branding or just make you an expert by building strong personal branding.