What are the sales funnel stages?

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21 stycznia 2019 13:33

Sales funnel is a long, step-by-step thinking process and the path that your consumers need to pass before he eventually buys your product or service. It may sound difficult, but nowadays we have a huge variety of tools and solutions designed for specific points in each stage of the sales funnel. But what exactly funnel stages are?

•    Visitors – there are all the impressions and clicks that you can see on your website analytics tools. Simply: these are the people who came across your brand without knowing anything about. That is the moment when your marketing team has the biggest work to do. Their job is to attract potential customers, so they can click on your website. You can use the power of content marketing: blog content, social publishing or just general ads. 

•    Leads – This is the time when your website incomes convert into leads. This is also the stage where visitors want to learn more about your brand and products offering. At this point, you must educate and make them ready to make a larger commitment. Think about your lead magnets. This can be agreement joining the contest or giveaway, receiving e-book, webinar access or signing up to your newsletter. Everything that helps to keep the potential buyer close to your brand.

•    Prospects – They have confirmed interest in your offer. They have information about what you do and what you can help them with. This is the most demanding stage of the sales funnel because of the risk of escaping to some better offer. It is time for you to convince them that you are the right choice. Make them trust in you and your beliefs. They see the value in your offering and there’s just one step from becoming your customers.

•    Clients – It’s the perfect time to convert your leads into real buyers. It also can be also called an initial purchase. It is when you make the desire to actual action. Up until this point, the leads have been traveling through the funnel. Now your job is to persuade that leads to make the purchase. They must be ready to take action. Good targeting is the key. Make some special, personalized offer to some groups of potential clients and watch how they react. It is important to be patient and provide the values your leads are interested in. If you do – buyers would come.

•    Regulars – Let’s call this stage as clients nurturing. You should continue to share helpful information about your products or services and don’t let the real customers forget about you. Maybe some discount or special offer to your regular clients could help to keep them loyal? The most valuable clients are those who became your ambassadors without even asking them to be. Focus on what you have and take care of it. 


As you see, every funnel’s stage pushes the stranger to become more familiar with your brand and products, and eventually to buy regularly. It may seem easy, but it demands some knowledge. Doing it with no experience is just sliding the slippery slope.  Be aware that every stage is important and cannot be dismissed.