What are the potential problems with CRM tools?

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3 stycznia 2019 14:58

With so many tools available in the market, the decision which CRM tool you will buy should be made carefully. If you choose a system not suitable for your company (because you bought an enterprise level system while your company is a small one or because you bought a system that does not offer the features you need), a CRM tool will be more of a hindrance than of a helper.

There is also a couple of other things you should be wary of: 


Issue #1

CRM system can’t be “set it and forget it.” All it takes is one second of delay or unexpected error for everything to go awry. There must be a person that controls the CRM system, maintains the data inside it and reacts in case something goes wrong


Issue #2

CRM tool can’t recognize itself that the data it has is faulty and can give incorrect suggestions or execute the wrong command based on it. Again, there must be a knowledgeable person behind the system who can spot and correct the false data inside the system.


Issue #3

CRM is not a magic wand that gives you successful deals one after another. It can give you more opportunities, but it’s ultimately up to salespeople to close the deals. If someone buys a CRM system thinking it will guarantee 100% more sales effortlessly, he’s in for a huge disappointment.


If you don’t use a CRM to its full potential, you end up wasting money. Think before picking a system how many features will you use and what kind of a system do you need. What’s the point in buying an enterprise-level CRM tool if you are a small company and don't know how to use a majority of the sophisticated functions?