What are the most prominent website design mistakes that are annoying visitors?

16 stycznia 2019 09:23

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16 stycznia 2019 09:25

Website design is an important part of your business. If people are annoyed by what they see clicking the link your image will be worse. 

First of all, your website speed is crucial. Users do not want to wait too much time for loading the page. Why is it connected to the design? When you have a lot of elements on your website the time of loading increases. Think good how to put elements and what amount has to be on each page. 

Another mistake is not developed a mobile version of the website. You can see sometimes the websites that do not have a mobile version and opened in a strange way. Even though not all pages are visible, icons are opened partly. You will agree it is really annoyed when you open not an ideal website. The navigation of the website also has to be comfortable for use. There should be no difficulties in going from one page to another, finding necessary information. Creating multimedia content with autoplay is another big mistake. You never know where is the person who enters your website located and in what circumstances so he may feel uncomfortable when the video promoting online casino starts playing when you go in the bus. Give people choice to start a video or music animation or not whenever they want. 

The content you prepare has to be high qualitative. Photos you post have to be with good quality and pay attention to what is the sense. If you write about a serious topic do not use joke pictures from Internet without no sense. Never leave contact form on a website without writing contact number or e-mail. There is a person who wants to ask you personally via phone or sends you some pictures that are not possible through the contact form. The last but not the least – think carefully about each page you create. Find a balance in giving only necessary information, put pleasure colors and design.