What are the main benefits of live chat on a website?

3 stycznia 2019 15:17

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3 stycznia 2019 15:22

From my experience live chat on the website helps a lot to improve relationship with customers. It's a potent tool, and there is plenty of reasons every company should implement live chat on their website:


#1 It’s cheap: according to Forrester Research, live chat is 17–30% cheaper than traditional phone calls.

#2 It’s efficient: while your agents can only talk with one person at a time, they can chat with about three clients at the same time.

#3 It improves customer service: Live chat has one of the highest customer satisfaction ratings. With a live chat, you can get answers to your questions or help with your issue much faster and easier than if you used phones or emails. For example, if a customer wants to ask about a product you are selling!

#4 It’s convenient: Live chat widget gives your website visitors an almost instant contact to salespeople or support staff, whenever they might be. If your visitors know they can easily contact you with any questions or problems that they may have, they trust you more.

#5 It can help with increasing sales: when paired with a User Tracking system, Live chat is incredibly useful to give you more sales at the end of the day. Do visitors look at your pricing page? Send them a chat message with a special offer. Is visitor browsing through different products looking for something? Maybe you could help them with finding the correct product? Catching their attention when they are on the website is one of the keys to having more significant sales!