What are the biggest marketing automation myths?

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2 stycznia 2019 10:56

Many myths have arisen around the concept of Marketing Automation. Some say that it introduces mechanical communication that is difficult to use. These false judgments are the result of not only lack of knowledge, but also fear - fear of change, the need to redefine the entirety of activities by introducing a new tool before the learning process. MYTH 1: Small companies: Marketing Automation is too expensive for me. MA is not a luxury, the last one to pamper a website, a whim that only the biggest and the biggest budgets can afford. It is simply a functional tool that will allow you to optimize communication with your clients. Implementation is a matter of time - personalized content becomes standard and in a few years, it will be difficult to imagine sales without this component. MYTH 2: System learning. Marketing Automation requires competence. Marketers are afraid of confrontation with the system, the fact that it will be too difficult, that they will pay for it, and then they will not be able to use it. It can not be denied that MA systems require a bit of work - you have to learn them. The experience of our clients shows that mastering basic functionalities takes a month or two. MYTH 3: I do not want mechanical communication! The shape, content, frequency of your messages is always your creation. MA systems do not take control over your database and do not send bulk spam "BUY NOW 50% OFF NECESSARY". It is the database segmentation, Lead Nurturing programs, personalization, and dynamic e-mails that give the impression of individual customer treatment. Thanks to advanced analytics you will learn a lot about it. MYTH 4: I do not need Marketing Automation! What about niche businesses? Know, however, that such a state will not last forever. The customers will simply be saturated with your products, and the organic movement that attracts new ones may turn out to be too small. The competition will get into the niche and it will get crowded. That's why whenever you're good in business, you have to think about further development. Marketing Automation will not only give you a new tool to serve more customers at the highest level but also - by automating the tasks you have already done manually - will give you time for creative and conceptual work.