What are retargeting methods?

21 stycznia 2019 13:26

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21 stycznia 2019 13:28

In a dream world, everyone who visits our website becomes a real customer. Unfortunately, the reality does not adapt to the dreams of people who run their businesses.

There are a lot of different ways to encourage visitors to buy what you want to sell. One of them is retargeting.

How the retargeting works?

The person who visits your website gets a cookie. Thanks to this, after leaving your website, the ads will start showing to encourage him to come back. While there is more than one form of technology, here are some of the most popular retargeting methods:


AdWords remarketing 

 It is the type of site-based retargeting practice. It is all about serving ads to people who visited your website without any purchases. AdWords let us create a new remarketing list using the default selection: by URL. It includes several types:

•    Standard remarketing – displaying ads for those who already have visited your website,

•    Dynamic remarketing – more advanced option which allows you to display products that person saw in your store,

•    Mobile remarketing  - displaying ads to people who used your mobile app ,

•    Remarketing lists for search ads – people who have already been on your website, left it and then search the same kind of products on Google, 

•    Video remarketing – displaying ads on YouTube.


Email retargeting

It is a simple way to supplement email marketing with display advertising. Put a single line of code on your website and tagged visitors will be served your ads. Email retargeting allows targeting only your email subscribers. Anyone who opens the email will be served ads all over the web. It is a successful way to remind your customers of yourself without sending real emails and risking unsubscriptions. 

CRM retargeting

It is software that automates sales and marketing by collecting and organizing information about guests coming from online reservations, emails, and calls. It allows displaying ad banners on most popular websites on the internet – Facebook, and Google. People don’t need to visit your website or open an email. You can serve retargeted ads even if engagement has lapsed.

Facebook Ads retargeting 

You can use Facebook's Custom Audience feature. First, you have to install a Facebook Pixel - a snippet of code on your website. That code will send you information about your visitor’s viewed paged back to Facebook. You also can address your retargeting campaign to people who liked your Facebook profile, there’s huge possibility that the will be interested in your offer. Another way to do the retargeting campaign on Facebook is to use dynamic retargeting. To enable it you should run the campaign from an external tool (such as AdRoll or FastTony). That allows you to show different ads to users who have visited different subpages. 


As you see, there are many techniques, technologies, and tools to build a successful retargeting campaign. Choose the one that is right for you or combine several of them and measure the effects.