What are pros and cons of Facebook Ads?

14 stycznia 2019 13:29

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14 stycznia 2019 13:29

Everyone is on Facebook. Every marketer, every business, from the smallest local brand to the world’s biggest companies is on Facebook. Do you think about getting on and starting to pay for ads? Before you do, here are some pros and cons of Facebook Ads – this should dispel your doubts:



•    Huge potential audience – more than 70% of Internet users do have an account on Facebook. There’s no other social media platform with that big reach potential. What does it mean? Simply that you can reach everybody from young to old.

•    Microtargeting – you have an opportunity to target users based on various demographic factors such as gender, age, location, language or profession, as well as interests and behaviors or even device they currently are on. Your ad can be extremely specific or more general – it depends on you.

•    They’re intuitive – Facebook Ad Manager is a self-service. All the leading information is available to every user. Less advanced users can learn from courses and pieces of advice placed on the site. 

•    Retargeting – When Facebook introduced us Facebook Pixel, retargeting ads on the internet became much easier and more affordable to usual user. It allows tracking people’s actions once they interact with previous ads on your site. Can anything be more useful?



•    You cannot reach some specific target groups – Facebook is getting old and slowly becomes old-fashioned. More and more young users don’t need to have a Facebook profile or even if they do – they don’t use it on an everyday basis. Millennials love Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok. There is one advantage here – you can reach Instagram users by creating a Facebook Ad. So in the end – that one con doesn’t seem that big con. 

•    Facebook is loaded of ads – What does that mean in practice? Your ad can be dismissed, even it is extremely matched and useful for the user. Too much content and too many ads slowly make people tired and more aware of what is an ad and what is the friend’s post.

•    Diminished organic reach -  This change has started a year ago – when Facebook announced some important policy changes. New algorithm made a sharp decline in business profiles organic reach. This trend is more likely to continue, so you must be prepared that now it is not that easy to get attention to organic post engagement. 

The verdict is pretty clear – even with the slow death of Facebook, almost every business should at least try to advertise on Facebook. Benefits may be surprising.