What are email marketing campaigns?

15 stycznia 2019 14:47

Wondering how to engage your website visitors, increase conversion rate or easily send a new offer to a client? There’s nothing better than an email campaign. If used properly this is a cheap and super effective marketing trick. It’s easy to get lost in the jungle of online marketing guides, so here are the main types of email marketing campaigns that you should know.

#1 Welcome Emails This is the time you can introduce yourself, show your company values and say thanks to your new subscriber. A good practice is giving a welcome gift, like a free ebook, discount code, etc.

#2 Promotion Campaign This is the most basic kind of email that probably you have already applied to your company. What’s important here? To don’t send too many emails offering discounts. Keep the communication simple and make your recipient wait with curiosity for future promotions.

#3 Newsletters Communicating regularly with your subscribers is a key when you build a community and brand awareness. Keep your newsletter fresh but concrete and avoid being too salesy.

#4 The Seasonal Campaign Holiday Season is a perfect time to communicate with your customers and other people following your page. If you haven’t used the seasonal email campaign, you should definitely start!

#5 Cart Abandonment Campaigns Consumer behavior observations show that people want to keep control over their online shopping more than in the previous years. In effect, shopping carts abandonment rate increases and this is your responsibility to resolve this problem. Dedicated email campaign for those that left their shopping cart is a must for online businesses.

Of course, these are only the main kinds of email marketing campaigns and this list is not closed. It’s important to decide what serves the best to your business and create valuable, customer-tailored content.