What are best practices for using live-chat in your business?

3 stycznia 2019 15:47

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3 stycznia 2019 15:48

1/ Always address your customer by their name (“Hi John” sounds much better than “Hi customer 4657383”)

2/ Suggest additional products: if someone bought a mobile phone, maybe he would be interested in buying a phone case? Or a screen protector?

3/ Try not to use pre-written scripts too often - people want to talk to human, not robot.

4/ If you see a visitor looked several times at one, specific product, try starting a live chat talk about it. The customer is clearly interested in those products, but he might be hesitating because of the item price or shipping options.

5/ Give clear information if your live chat system works 24/7 or only during working hours, it would be a good idea also to tell your customers how fast you usually reply to them (for example, “We usually reply in 10 minutes”). An immediate response is crucial. If customers have to wait too long for an agent to appear, they will leave and possibly not come back.

6/ In case you are using a chatbot, you must triple-check are they appropriately configured and keep an eye on them. While using chatbots is very convenient for companies (a bot can work 24/7 and deal with several clients simultaneously), you risk of infuriating the customer if they get the same response three times in a row or get a solution to a different issue than they actually have because the bot send wrong answers to wrong customers!