What are best practices for creating podcasts?

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2 stycznia 2019 11:36

A podcast is a form of an online audio or film publication, usually in the form of regular episodes. Podcasting gained popularity with the beginning of the 21st century and the development of mobile technologies. Working on a podcast is quite time-consuming. You need to find a topic, think about what you want to say, record it, assemble it, make a description, put it online and promote it. Take comfort in the fact that the video usually has more work. In addition, it is a long-term investment. New listeners see not only the latest episode of your podcast - but they also have easy access to the entire archive. If you build a library of interesting recordings, it will be easier to attract them. - Co-leader The most important is choosing the co-leader because he will exchange opinions with you in each episode. It's best if it's a person that you can get along very well with. It does not have to be someone you know for many years. It's about sharing a passion that lets you talk about similar topics every week. - Formula If the issue of the co-host is already settled, now you can go on to determine the formula. Of course, the most important thing is the topic you will talk about. It's best to establish a niche where you feel most comfortable and where you have the most to say. All the time, keep in mind that people will listen to you, and to attract their attention you have to talk about something interesting, or at least in an original way. - Technicalities The most demanding part is the technical part, in which you need to take into account the recording, clearing of paths, assembly, and completion of the metadata. After the start and polishing of the failures, recording podcasts is really simple and requires only your creativity and ability to maintain the attention of the recipient.