What are best marketing ideas for Forex market?

28 stycznia 2019 11:35

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28 stycznia 2019 11:36

Forex is a huge global currency market where trading takes place 24 hours a day, 5 days a week. There are plenty of "stalls" with various suppliers, prices and terms of trade. We can pick, but ultimately the validity of our investment decisions will be decisive. Participants of the forex market include e.g. Governments, Central Banks, of Different level Banks, hedgers, retail brokers, and individual investors (small speculators).

There are a lot of companies in the forex industry so it is constantly getting harder for them to attract potential customers. Marketing departments at the foreign exchange brokerage firms must come up with more creative and effective ways to attract traders.

Service expansion – all the leaders from Forex companies offer much more than a few years ago. Broadening the scope of the offer attract more customers. It’s a good strategy for brokers to meet clients’ needs by providing them with a full spectrum of trading solutions and opportunities.

Trustworthy SEM campaign – using Google AdWords search engine campaigns is the most popular form of internet advertising. Forex companies Adwords campaigns are mostly built on trust. Traders must seem to be reliable and trustworthy, so they highlight the security of their platform, funds, regulation, and execution. More refunds from Google = more potential customers.

Retargeting strategy – another advertising solution in Google Adwords. A dedicated script tracks the people who visit the company’s site in order to present them ads of the offer on the other publishers’ websites. It’s the best way of creating valuable leads.

Positioning as experts – appearance in the client’s eyes as a company that employs educated people with knowledge is a perfect way to build trust and connection. Most of the forex companies get their analysts to speak about vital market news and cover some leading financial newspapers and websites. There are also many ways to build this position on the internet – using a website, social media, live streams, chats or even running contests for traders to win a free consultation.

Content marketing – it is a perfect way not only to position better in Google search but also to build a connection with potential customers and arrange interactions with and between them. That is another solution to strengthen an expert position.

Affiliate and influencer marketing – most of the forex companies build themselves a network of affiliates, which job is to guide potential traders to their website. That boost their trading volume. Some companies also cooperate with influencers which recommendations affect customers’ purchasing decisions.