Social media guide: How to unblock someone on Facebook?

7 stycznia 2019 14:11

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15 stycznia 2019 15:52

Among the fans of the page, there will definitely be those who will write all sorts of nonsense, be rude and engage in other destructive actions. You can deal with such with the help of blocking. Just click on the “X” next to the comment of the insolent, and select “delete comment and block”. But then how to unblock the offender? In addition, it is easy to ban a user by accident, at least just by trying to delete his inappropriate comment.

See how to unlock Facebook users using a mobile device or computer:

1. Open Facebook. Click the icon in dark blue with the letter "f" inside to start the program. If you are already logged in to your account, then the news feed will open.

2. Press the button. It is located in the lower right (iPhone) or upper right corner of the screen (Android).

3. Scroll through the menu and select Settings. This item is closer to the end of the list.

4. Select Account Settings. This item is located at the top of the pop-up menu (iPhone) or near the end of the list (Android).

5. Select Locks. This item is located at the bottom of the screen, and next to it is a red warning circle.

6. Click Unlock to the right of the username. On this page, you will see a list of all blocked users. Select the person you want to unlock.

7. Click Unlock to confirm. The blue button is on the left side of the screen. Click to unlock the selected user.

If you want to add an unlocked person as a friend, you will need to send him a friend request!