Marketing motivation: How can I stop wasting away my workday?

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3 stycznia 2019 14:18

The feeling of wasted time can be very depressing, especially when you know that the deadline is approaching. Or maybe you do not have any deadlines and that's why you spend more hours and days on procrastination? It's time to act. No more consoling that laziness and postponing are features of intelligent people. How to stop wasting time? There are several proven ways to work more effectively and finally get to work! #1 Have a good plan Planning may seem boring, and besides, "you know what to do, so why plan?". You'll see how well the scheduling works when you use this method. Instead of deleting tasks, you have a specific framework that allows both effective work and effective relaxation. #2 Avoid perfectionism How to stop wasting time in this case? Just promise yourself that you will not be doing 100% tasks. All you have to do is make it right, not perfect. Try to avoid the habit of refining details and you will see that work will be much faster and more enjoyable. And as a result, you will also be more efficient in taking on new orders. #3 Save and count up the hours Record the exact time you took your job and the one you finished. Note also what you did at the time or how much to earn. Also, note the breaks. Such experience will immediately show you where the problem is with running away hours. You will realize how long your breaks are or how little you can do during working hours. Black and white you will see your work day in numbers. It is a great motivation to work more effectively the next day. Taking into account this piece of advice you will use the day efficiently and thus - feel fully realized.