Marketer guide: How to deal with overloaded inbox?

11 stycznia 2019 16:23

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11 stycznia 2019 16:24

Unlike regular mail services, email messages are stored in a mailbox for a certain period even after they are downloaded by the email application. This is necessary in order to provide access to the same messages from several computers because nowadays people often use several computers.

Did you know that the maximum number of e-mail messages stored in a mailbox is limited? The maximum mailbox size is determined by your ISP. If this limit is exceeded, receiving new messages becomes impossible. There are reasons why we are forced to distract e-mails and ways of dealing with them. Here's how to reduce e-mail overload and spend time on more productive activities.

In order to solve the situation with a full e-mail box, you can do two operations:

1. Increase the capacity of the email box so that it can receive more e-mails.

Changing the e-mail box capacity is possible if the selected e-mail box is created on the server at (eg Economy Line, Professional Line). In case you use the Personal Email service (single mailbox service), the maximum available capacity for such an account is 20 GB

2. Emptying the email box, ie deleting unnecessary messages on the server.

Remember that e-mails in the "Trash" and "Spam" folders are periodically deleted (once per 24h). In the first place, this process includes 25% of the oldest e-mails contained in these two directories.


Although checking email may take only a few minutes, these seemingly small distractions can really add up throughout the working day. Set the timer and allow yourself only 15 minutes to check your emails several times a day. Then go to the next task.